A Blend of Invaluable Organic
Herbs to Strengthen Immunity


Unisex Intimate Wash

100 ml


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Why Is It Worth Purchasing?

Intimate care requires same amount of upkeeps your face requires. Namasthe Herbal Plus’ Unisex Intimate Wash is especially curated for intimate hygiene, ensuring that they are gentle for daily wash for maintaining pH balance. Unisex Intimate Wash also helps in cleaning out residuals from condoms, lubricants, etc. This intimate wash has targeted antimicrobial properties to prevent infections and it does not negatively impact the natural skin balance of private area.The goodness of Thribhala in this intimate wash ensures a safe and gentle experience for your sensitive area. Suitable for both men and women, this cucumber fragranced, thribhala coloured wash features active formulations that provide freshness and wellbeing. Unisex Intimate Wash also makes a great natural treatment for UTI. Upgrade intimate hygiene with Unisex Intimate Wash, and say good bye to dryness, irritation and bad odour.

• pH Balanced for Skin
• Goodness of Thribhala
• No More Itching, Bad Odour and Irritation
• Gently Cleanses and Freshens
• Fights Infections

A recent study says that Triphala has a protective effect on the epidermis and on dermal fibroblasts, which helps in recovery of the skin from injury. It is also found to increase collagen production

Triphala, the Ayurvedic wonder for detoxification and rejuvenation.
It is a combination of Amla, Haritaki, and Vibhitiki. Amla restores the normal pH balance of the skin and Vibhitiki has antibacterial and antifungal properties.

Pour intimate wash into the palm and lather slightly. Apply on private area. Rub gently to remove dirt and sweat. Rinse off thoroughly with water and make sure to gently wipe the area until no moist remains. Slight warm water is recommended for wash as it helps to open up the pores for effective cleansing


Hand Sanitizer

100 ml


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Why Is It Worth Purchasing?

Namasthe Herbal Plus’ herbal hand sanitizer is made of natural products and is ideal for those who take cleanliness and sanitation seriously. It is mild to the skin and keeps freshness for longer duration. This antibacterial hand sanitizer efficiently kills 99.99% bacteria from the hands in a matter of seconds leaving behind the gentle and rejuvenating freshness. It has antimicrobial properties that help kill or suppress the growth of germs on hands. The moisturizers present in this hand sanitizer prevents dryness, skin irritation and protects you from illness and infections and acts as a trusted partner in maintaining hygiene and health. It is an effective alternative when soap or water is not available for washing hands. It is one of the best hand sanitizers that is convenient to carry and can be placed in your pocket, bag, or purse.

• Cleaner, Germ-Free Lifestyle
• A Worthy Germ Fighter
• Sanitization with Care
• Gentle and Rejuvenating
• Convenient and Handy to Use

• Aloe vera has natural moisturizers that help retain moist and forms a protective layer on the skin leaving it soft

• Tulsi is rich with its antioxidant, antimicrobial, and immunity boosting properties which help in killing the active microbes on hand

• Neem kills microbes on hand, prevents infection and moisturizes skin

Apply a dime sized amount of hand sanitizer on the palm of one hand. Rub hands together covering entire surface. Rub until waterless hand sanitizer is absorbed



100 ml


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Mosquitoes transmit life threatening diseases and Namasthe Herbal Plus’ Mosquito Repellent Liquid is the answer to your worries. It also puts a stop to mosquito bites and thus helps stay protected from dangerous diseases like dengue and chikungunya. Made of herbs, this mosquito vaporizer is a blend of extracts from plants such as Eucalyptus, Lemongrass, Neem among many other aromatic oils. This Ayurvedic mosquito repellent has a full scope of use. One can use it inside home, on balcony, or in public spaces like hospitals rooms, offices, and classrooms. It is 100% natural with zero chemicals and side effects, but with long lasting protection against mosquitoes. Hence it is chemical and alcohol-free, it is safe for children too.

• Affordable Option to Keep Buzzing Mosquitoes Away
• Non-Toxic and Eco-Friendly Solution
• Perfect Blend of Aromatic Oils
• Offers Lasting Protection

• Eucalyptus is known to have a strong smell, possess antiseptic, antimicrobial, antiviral, antibacterial, and anti-fungal properties and is known to repel mosquitoes
• Lemongrass is famous for its ability to repel mosquitoes and houseflies due to high Citral and Geraniol content in it.
• Neem is known to protect against mosquitoes that spread Malaria, Dengue, and Chikungunya.

Remove the cap and place a liquid vaporizer bottle in an electric vaporizer machine. For best results use during day time too.


DynaCID Balm

50 ml


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Everyone needs to be at the top of their game in order to make a mark and that is only possible when one enjoys a fit and fine body, devoid of pain. This is where DynaCID Balm comes into the picture by helping you revel in a pain-free life. This cold therapy of balm provides rapid and longer numbing of pain and relieves stiff muscles, cramps, swelling, etc. DynaCID Balm is analgesic, anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial in nature. DynaCID Balm is dermatologically tested and contains no harmful chemicals. This GMP-compliant pain reliever balm is non-sticky in nature and works fast to alleviate any pain.

• A Natural Cold Balm Therapy for Ache and Pain
• Blend of Natural Herbs
• Activates Blood Circulation
• Lasting Calming Effect

• Strobilanthesheyneanus in this balm is a medicinal shrub for rheumatic disorders.
• Sidaretusa can apply directly to the skin for numbness, nerve pain, muscle cramps, and joint pains.
• TinsporaCordifolia is effective in the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis and other muscle cramps.
• Cedrusdeodara has anti-inflammatory properties which alleviate joint pain.

Other Ingredients
• Alpiniagalanja: 3.57gm
• Withaniasomnifera: 3.57gm
• Boswelliaserrata: 3.57gm
• Oil of sesamumindicum : 100ml
• Paramentera cerifera : 15gm

Rub gently on the affected area once or twice daily as and when necessary. This balm is for external use only.



3 in 1 - 14 days kit


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Why Is It Worth Purchasing?

Staying energetic, and enthusiastic are requirements to keep the immune system strong and averting illnesses. Our Immunity Booster Kit effectively enhances immune-power against various illnesses. This kit includes time-tested Ayurvedic formulations including,

• Shadanga powder, the classical combination of dry herbs for the treatment of fever.
• Vilwadi tablet, the remedy for detoxification, gastric infection, indigestion, and fever.
• Sudarshanam tablet, for the treatment of fever and respiratory tract disorders.

The herbal immunity booster kit has what you need to help keep diseases away. The 100% natural ingredients make Immunity Booster Kit a potent resolve, that can even minimize the COVID-19 effects. One can take this ISM recommended product as a preventive measure to avoid getting serious illnesses. Also, this product do not contain any ingredients that pose any risks for health safety.

• Boosts immune response
• Works to boost the body’s natural defense against harmful diseases
• A great contributor in the battle against COVID-19
• Heals challenging ailments with the help of pure herbal ingredients
• Prevents threats from viruses and other disease-causing germs

Shadanga Power : 140 grams
Vilwadi Tablets : 28 Tablets
Sudarshanachurnam Tablets : 28 Tablets

5g Shadanga Powder twice a day along with one Vilwadi Tablet and one Sudarshanachurnam Tablet before the meal.
Best results after seven days of medication.


Egafert Tablets

30 Tablets


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Trouble in having enough strength and energy to endure an activity? worry not! With the intake of the Namasthe Herbal Plus “Egafert Tablets” you can increase the ability to sustain dipping energy levels and prolong all your physical and mental efforts. The herbal ingredients in Egafert Tablets have been around since ancient times and work wonders to increase stamina and boost vitality. A unique blend of Nature’s most powerful aphrodisiacs Egafert tablet is known to increase fertility and this powerful natural supplement can be used to enhance sexual performance.

• All-In-One Energy Optimizer and Brain Boost
• An Effective Sex Stimulant
• Rejuvenates the Reproductive System
• Loaded with Nature Derivatives

• Shilajit offers numerous health benefits and boosts fertility in men. It also activates an erectile function, increases the number and mobility of sperm and testosterone.

• Ashwagandha has been used to relieve stress, increase energy levels and improve concentration.

• Musli is a potent aphrodisiac herb effective in improving male performance and spermatogenesis.

• Velvet Bean enhances the quality and volume of sperm.

• Land Caltrops has immunity boosting and anti-oxidant properties.

Other Ingredients
AsparagusRacemose, Ipomoea, WithaniaSomnifera, CurculigoOrchioides, Asteracanthalongifolia, Sid Retusa, MyristicaFragrans, PunicaGranatum, Phaseolus Radiates, ZingiberOfficinale, MarantaArundinacea, AsphaltumPunjabinum

As a dietary supplement, take two tablets once daily before food. Best results after one week medication.

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What are they saying

A Total Solution for a Stronger Immune System

Hectic work and travel plans always keep me on the go, and i was worried about my personal hygiene. But adding Namasthe’s intimate wash to my self-care have made me care-free. Its high quality standards have made me try out Namasthe Herbal Plus’ DynaCID Balm, Immunity Booster Kit and Hand Sanitizer. These herbal products are absolutely therapeutic. With the recent wave of COVID-19, I always carry these products in my go-to bag. These unique herbal products help me feel safe providing maximum health benefits, and now I am a huge fan of Namasthe Herbal Plus.

Aishwarya Shah


Ensure Health and Wellness with Namasthe Herbal Plus

My name is Jithin, a businessman from Belgaum, and I am always on the move and that made me struggle with back pain and neck pain, and also cold and cough was like regular visitors. I have tried several Ayurvedic products, but nothing actually worked. But one day, I encountered with one promotional ad of Namasthe Herbal Plus’ in social media. When scrolling down on their website, I found what I exactly needed, a pain reliever and an immunity booster kit. To my amazement, both these products worked really well and fast. Namasthe Herbal plus is the best deal. This is my experience. I truly recommend you all to give Namasthe Herbal Plus a chance.


Belgaum, Karnataka

A Blend of Invaluable Organic Herbs to Strengthen Immunity

Namsthe Herbal Plus is now playing an integral part in my life. As an entrepreneur in the IT industry, it is extremely important to be proactive, alert, foreseer, planner and ultimately being a go getter. Ever since I started using Egafert tablets, it tremendously improved my alertness, relieved the stress and I became enormously active. I would recommend to try this once and find out yourself what was absent in your life.

Rinku Antony Pereira

CEO, WeDoDigital, Kerala


The ancient healing practices of Ayurveda are making a comeback as today’s consumers increasingly reject chemical-laden products. Leading brands have made their mark in this space, but it has not crippled the enthusiasm of Namasthe Herbal Plus, and we are eyeing a big piece of the pie.

Namasthe Herbal Plus is quick to notice the trend and is focusing on the betterment of physical health and well-being holistically. Despite being a new player in the market, we are carrying forward the legacy of the Ayurvedic system - an unavoidable part of the value proposition offered in our products.  Namasthe Herbal Plus has an extensive range of natural, herbal products made from traditional Ayurvedic formulations. The product portfolio ranges from immunity booster, mosquito repellent, intimate wash, hand sanitizer, pain relief balm, energy tablet and many more.

Our motto has always been to serve people with the best possible herbal medicines. Namasthe Herbal Plus’ products provide a natural treatment causing no side effects. We believe that our expertise in blending different herbs to make nature-based products will certainly put us as the most sought after herbal health product manufacturer in the market.



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